Rich Man Hindi Dubbed Season 1 Episode 5 Online Rich Man Hindi Dubbed Korean Drama

  • Language: Hindi
    Genre: Romance, Comedy, Dubbed, Web Series, Korean Drama
    Year: 2018
    Director: Min Doo-sik
    Actor: Kim Jun-myeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Oh Chang-suk.
    Bora becomes depressed when she sees the Yoo-chanand Taera kiss. The next day, Taera pride is hurt by Yoo-chanwho do not recognize her. After hearing from Taeju about Yoo-chan ’s facial recognition disorder and his first love, Bunhong, she asks him out in earnest. However, Yoo-chanis not interested in her at all. Meanwhile, Bora has become close to Dojin, who is the team reader and Yoo-chanmisunderstand the relationship between the two.

    Category : Drama

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