Rich Man Hindi Dubbed Season 1 Episode 7 Online Rich Man Hindi Dubbed Korean Drama

  • Language: Hindi
    Genre: Romance, Comedy, Dubbed, Web Series, Korean Drama
    Year: 2018
    Director: Min Doo-sik
    Actor: Kim Jun-myeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Oh Chang-suk.
    In a rainy night, Yoo-chanvisits Bora's house and asks her true feelings. A few days later, at a company party, Yoo-chansurprised everyone by remembering Bora's face. Taera gets jealous after noticing Yoo-chan 's feeling about Bora and warns Bora not to like him. Bora, drunk after the party, makes the mistake by telling the truth that she liked him since he came to look for Bunhong.Angry, Yoo-chanpushes Bora How do you know Bunhong?

    Category : Drama

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